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15.bis 24.07.2016
No Border in Thessaloniki

Austerity programs in the countries of the European South, war, reli- gious intolerance and the intensification of gender oppression in the countries of the Arab Spring are part of the same strategy.

Thus, whole populations are made to abandon their homes. These people, deprived of their natural and social space, migrate, cross borders, fences, barbed wire, rivers, seas, mines and police patrols. They also face exploitation by traffickers, they are detained in concentration camps and then they are forced to search for a job (usually in the black market, often unpaid) even under extremely dire conditions. Most end up unemployed and they form a kind of reserve workforce or are forced into prostitution, trafficking networks and organ smuggling. After the eviction of Idomeni many thousands of women, men and children have been transfered to “relocation centers”, isolated from the general population.

Against all the above, migrants sturggles emerge daily. Moreover, in the last year, immigrants and people in solidarity with them have met within and beyond the kaleidoscopic fields opened by the crisis. We believe that meetings and struggles should be encouraged, should acquire steady and lasting structures and reinvent the joy and the charm of companionship and sharing.

  • Programm in english, greek and arabic

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