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Help us close down Pagani
Support people in Lesvos

von "Noborder Lesvos 2009"

"We don't need anything but freedom no food, no medicine
We are in hunger strike"
47 minors detained in Pagani are on hunger strike since yesterday 1st September.
Four are on dry hunger strike, they are not drinking either and they are sick, just laying down all day; they are not getting any medical care.
The hunger strikers told us are all under 18 and they are from Afghanistan, Somalia, Palestine. They have been detained up to 60 days and there is no sign of them being released.
We went to Pagani this afternoon and spoke to the hunger strikers through the gate. They have made banners out of sheets and hung them to the cage.
Support from local activists is much needed, as well as solicitors and doctors.

International pressure must contuinue.
If you have been following our actions of the last days, you are aware about the immediate necessity to close down the detention centre of Pagani here in Lesvos.
Now we call all on everybody out there, wherever you are, to take action.
It is quick and easy, and you can really help to make a change:
you just need to send a fax or an email.
More information here:
  • http://lesvos09.antira.info/2009/08/help-us-close-down-pagani

    Weitere Informationen zum Aktionscamp "Noborder Lesvos 2009":
  • http://lesvos09.antira.info

    Video: Internationale Kritik an Zuständen in Flüchtlingslager auf griechischer Insel Lesbos:
  • Peter Dalheimer, ARD Rom [nachtmagazin 00:15 Uhr, 03.09.2009]

    Video vom 29.08.2009
  • Pagani detention, Lesvos, by A. Melitopoulos

    Video: Demonstration at Pagani: Set them free (26.8.2009)
  • Demonstration at Pagani: Set them free

    Video: We got a camera into the detention centre (20.08.2009)
  • Voices from the Inside of Pagani Detention Centre

  • Administrativhaft im "Welcome Center" (TAZ vom 28.08.09)
  • Ohne Zwang keine Humanität (Kommentar von CHRISTIAN JAKOB TAZ vom 29.08.09)

    Flüchtlingsrat Hamburg, Nernstweg 32-34, 22765 Hamburg
    Tel.: 040-431587 Fax: 040-4304490


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